In our centres, we provide care to seniors

Our international centre for senior care is a settlement created and built by Romanians. Romanian specialists, not Romanian businessmen.

It is located 197 km from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, high in the tallest and oldest mountains of Bulgaria. 

Of course, in every initiative, the satisfaction is also from income.

For us, what’s important is – the elderly people’s condition, their comfort and especially, the outcomes which this settlement was created for

This settlement is created – first and foremost – to extend the life span and to prove that age depends on approach, and is not a constant.



of experience

Benefit from Nature

Those who benefit from this program will also enjoy the comfort of the area, which is under the aegis of UNESCO, as well as the beauty of the area which is up in the mountains; they will revel in the fresh air and exceptional views.

UNESCO proved this and took this area under its aegis because the air successfully treats lung, mental illnesses, and many others, due to the purity and quality of the air and the richness of nature.

The domain contains

  • two large houses
  • swimming pool
  • SPA centre
  • Turkish bath
  • Finnish sauna
  • fitness room
  • and many other satisfactions.

This centre, as regards health, is connected with the county hospital, which is 3 km from the center, and which has a contract with our unit. Within just as many km, there are ski slopes, and many more. The area is in the national park – nature, animals, different species, birds and others.

There are monasteries and museums of ethnographic traditions in the area, but also many others. It’s a micro-heaven for connoisseurs.


In the area where we have the settlement, no more building permits are given.
It is an area of conservation of nature and traditions.

For this place and area, where we conduct our activity, entrance tickets shall be paid.

We, in the centre, conduct an always different and constantly changing activity.

In our team, there are psychologists and specialists in different fields that help to the smooth running of the activity.

Our unit is a new way of being.

people 7

core values

Our residents are sovereigns even though, perhaps, in normal life, they were sovereigns, but here, they are sovereigns of their own lives, of their own desires and the way they organize their lives.

healthy eating

Everyone’s way of feeding is very healthy, traditionally Bulgarian; traditions in the culinary mastery that bring many tourists from all over the world to visit this area of Bulgaria.


We conduct our activity together with the residents, organizing everything so that every instant can offer surprises and satisfaction by amusement.

Each resident’ state of health is very well monitored, so that the visible benefit can be seen, as time goes by.

Most initiatives are based on the residents’ experience and proposals. We discuss them all together and reach the right conclusion – are they or not beneficial to everyone?

If they are ascertained beneficial, we apply them.

Any initiative, any way of organization takes into account the residents’ wishes, because the purpose of our collective is – not for the climate to be like in the family, but for the climate to create the family

Our unit is a new way of being


A new way, in which the only virus that exists, and the only affection that exists, is to prove that our thinking and our approach to life and death was wrong; and we shall build it so as to live at least one more life.

Where to begin?

email us: [email protected]
Tel & whatsapp: +359 87 838 5612
tel: +40 728 969 373

We look forward to hearing from you!

email us: [email protected]
Tel & whatsapp: +359 87 838 5612
tel: +40 728 969 373

We look forward to hearing from you!
Take care!
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