For more than 10 years, we have been providing solutions for all the diseases, treating their causes instead of treating their effects alone.
We have successfully treated some of the most severe diseases while others were giving up.
Aging is just another disease and there is a cure for it available exclusively in our clinic.
Age Regress Therapy has been created to combat the effects of aging using the power of nature among others to activate cells renewal and advanced body regeneration.
Our treatments have been prepared after ancient prescriptions of over 12,000 years old and are certified by OSIM.
A completely customized treatment scheme is created for each patient. The system includes treatment and temporary relocation for at least 21 days, into a natural environment renowned as one of the most ecologically clean areas.
Our studies and practice has revealed that a home-like type of accommodation is able to offer you the most suitable conditions to level up your overall health. Therefore, our clinic will be a comfortable home for you during your stay and treatment.
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Traditional medicine Tutu Codrut

24 Grigorovtsi Str 
Gabrovo, Bulgaria


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