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SAVIO currently offers 3 types of programs:



SAVIO Senior – Stoppage of Aging

SAVIO SENIOR STOP AGING is the program for the seniors who want to continue an active life in a friendly community, availing themselves of the best conditions, in a quiet and healthy environment.
This program, the former, takes place in a location renowned for its environmental cleanliness, a prerequisite for brain oxygenation and an imperative for the final outcome, the stoppage of body aging.
The program beneficiaries are assisted by a very carefully selected staff, prepared for a wide range of activities, intended not only to the maintenance in the best physical and mental form, but also to the actual stoppage of aging. Psychological counselling is part and parcel of this program, unique in the world.

SAVIO – Beyond All Ages – VIP 

SAVIO AGELESS VIP is the program destined for adult persons of all ages (18+) who are willing to conduct an active life and commit to the unique program of age regression and stoppage of aging.
The latter is the second signature program of our organization and only addresses people who believe in the chance at a life unaffected by the maladies called “death” and “senescence”.

This absolutely pioneer program stands out by its exceptional results and is exclusively available at SAVIO.

Details about this program shall be received only upon request, provided that you contact us and establish communication with our organization.

To get started, you can call us or submit the form containing your email address. You can leave us a message or chat with us. 

Each of our potential residents is treated with respect and consideration. We will carefully answer all of your questions. 

Basically, anyone willing to live a buoyant life, turning a dull way of living into an untroubled, vivacious, spirited, lighthearted and serene time of their life. 

Age is not so important since our ultimate goal is prolonging life duration by our longevity program.  We take pride in sustaining, comforting and assisting people who want to live a longer and happier life.  

You need your ID documentation and your medical recordings and reports as recent as 30 days before your admission. 
After talking with one of our representatives, your admission will be decided or not.

The cost of your living, treatment, care and other personal needs may vary. We can estimate the price of your stay at SAVIO and give you a quote when we have all your personal data, including accurate information about your medical condition, about your special needs, if any, and about extra requirements, if needed, and so many others which we will agree upon. 

The answer is YES. 

SAVIO has a completely new approach to life. 

Our Motto: As an organization, we want to prove that seniors are not to be cast aside as a discard, but that they can turn a discard into a genuine treasure. 

Through carefully customized programs, we aim to make our residents feel at home and empower their potential in doing activities at their choice and community activities that will increase their self-esteem.
Our longevity program is thus destined to help seniors enjoy life the longest. 

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