Stress is one of the main factors that trigger and feed the functional disorders of the human system and the ageing processes. It is a proven fact that factors of extreme stress cause untimely death. For his own health and comfort, each man must make effort to avoid stress and to discover the joy of living.

In order to guard against premature ageing, one must avoid excess of coffee, narcotics, cigarettes, alcohol and medicine. Our living environment is also very important: the toxins from the environment and the foods we consume help speeding the degenerative processes, too.

In order to speed the regeneration of our body, we should get used to living in a healthy environment, with medicinal herbs that treat us and we should avoid any disorder in our body and in our thinking.

It is advisable to avoid allopathic medication, because this kind of remedy treats the symptoms and disguises our disorders for a short time. When the patient realizes the fact, the disbalance has affected almost the entire body and it may be too late to save anything.

Alcohol abuse wrecks our brain and body and our morality as persons as well; it predisposes to cirrhosis, gastritis, mental affections and hallucinations. The alcoholics go as far as giving up food for alcohol, developing episodes of delirium tremens, respectively fits of fainting with high risk of cerebral vascular accident and death. The alcoholic must become aware that alcohol is harmful to him, and not only to him but to his family, to his friends and to everybody around him as well.

Monitoring the behavior of the persons who gave up alcohol, it has been shown that they will develop other kinds of addictive behaviors: abuse of sweets, food and sex. The traditional medicine specialists can find an appropriate treatment for each patient who is in such a situation, when they have found out the reasons that made the patient fall in love with alcohol instead of falling in love with life and with the joy of living.

A proper treatment will balance such persons both physically and emotionally. The mixtures used in these cases are rich in chrome, zinc and magnesium.

The wrong approach in the treatment of alcohol addicts is to give the patient smaller amounts of alcohol for the rest of his life, in order to keep the phenomenon under control (namely in an anti-abuse system – considering that alcoholism is an incurable affection). Such be the case, the addiction cannot be cured. This method of treatment is inefficient and it ruins the patient’s health.

The traditional therapies balance the patient’s body; they also appease the need of alcohol, therefore the traditional treatment methods are efficient in eradicating alcoholism.

The traditional treatments are also efficient in the treatment of allergies. The allergic manifestations occur against the background of serious immune disorders. The immune deficiencies decrease the body’s resistance and weaken its guard against the allergens from the environment. Hundreds of people suffer from allergies in spring and in summer; they are affected by the blooming of flowers and by the micronic particles of pollen in the atmosphere. These particles are breathed into the body; they come in contact with the immune system, at the level of immunoglobulines; they take part in specific chemical reactions releasing histamine.

Histamine triggers the allergic reaction and the affected person starts developing symptoms such as: pruritis (itch), rhinorrhea, and rhinitis. Unless this type of allergy is treated, major disorders will develop in the body in time, disorders that create a favorable environment for other types of allergies, such as the alimentary ones. The food allergies may also be caused by alimentary excesses or by improperly cooked food. The allergies create the background for the onset of other affections. Should the immune disorders and the delicacy of the body be more pronounced in the area of the skin, then skin allergies will occur; should they be located in the area of the brain, then cerebral allergies will develop, with symptoms such as: chronic fatigue, epileptic seizures; concentration and memory disorders. In these situations, if the body is intoxicated with allergenic agents, – instead of nourishing the body, the blood will cause major disorders.

The acute allergic reactions, such as those caused by mold or by chemical compounds trigger complete disorder in the human body. The patient grows irascible; he is always hungry and thirsty; he has nervousness fits, hypersensitivity, rashes, diarrhea etc. The pulse is quickened; instead of 70-78 beats per minute, there is an increased rate by 20-40 beats per minute higher than normal. In situations like that, each disorder will be recorded and monitored; the triggering factor is identified and the patient will avoid to come in contact with it.

Each type of allergy has a specific clinical picture. However, in the respective picture certain symptoms prevail, depending on the affected system. For instance, in the case of the renal apparatus, the prevailing factor is chronic fatigue.

The allergies of the central nervous system are characterized by diminished concentration capacity, incoherent thinking, nervousness, headaches, aggressive behaviors, depression, emotional and behavioral instability, changes of mood, sudden switches from sadness to joy or to ecstasy followed by emotional breakdown, fits of dejection and pathological sadness, episodes of hallucination and delirium etc. In the case of children, the allergies may develop as chronic fatigue, as well.

The correct treatment of allergies is vital for the recovery of health. It is a proven fact that in 90 percent of the cases, the schizophrenic behaviors are triggered by internal disorders caused by an allergic reaction to the ingested foods or chemical substances.

The skin allergies develop as erythema (redness of skin), depigmentation, dehydration and desquamation. Pulmonary allergies develop by suffocation and want of air. They may degenerate into asthma and asthmatic bronchitis. The symptoms of cardiovascular allergies are as follows: tachicardia, arrhythmia, erythema, palor, parestesia, red and purple hands; syncope and cardiorespiratory arrest. Gastric disorders cause xerostomia (dryness of mouth), borborygmus, aerocolia, hemorrhagic ulcer, lingual deposits, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, abdominal pain. Other disorders caused by allergies may develop at the level of the skeletal system, in the area of the auditive apparatus (tinnitus – ringing in the ear), and in the area of the renal apparatus as well (frequent and short mictions).

Irrespective of their location and intensity, all these manifestations can be ameliorated and treated by acupuncture techniques and by administration of certain medicinal herb mixtures with a proper formula and in a proper dosage. First of all, the traditional medicine specialist must see how deeply the body is affected and what he should do to restore the patient’s health.

Modern man lives in a society that encourages the consumption of synthetic products. Daily we use chemical products that are harmful to the human body.

When starting a traditional treatment, the patient will need to reveal both these aspects of his life and the particular features of his living style in the preliminary discussions with the physician, so that the physician should be able to correct the harmful habits and to improve the respective life style for the patient’s own benefit, but also so he should prevent major disorders, disorders that aid the degenerative processes and cause premature ageing or death.

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