It is an acknowledged fact that the inhabitants of the Himalayans have the longest life span. It is the pure living environment that maintains their health and ensures their longevity: the air is fresh; the drinkable water has hardly been touched by pollution, the grounds on which they live and work daily are accessible only by dint of great effort; besides, they force the body to a lot of exercise, to dynamism.

On various islands, out in the oceans, people over the age of 80 live their lives. Despite their old age, they contribute to the work of their community with as much vigour as the young ones. Their strength has been acquired by their lifestyle, a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables, but also by a lot of physical activity.

Over time, the specialists in traditional medicine have made countless researches to find solutions of life-prolonging and age-stopping treatments. They saw that the success of their treatments was determined by several key factors, such as maintaining the genital and reproductive apparatus at a high level of activity; maintaining the cerebral and body activity by long herbal treatment for each affection in particular.

The European and North-American societies have a lot to learn from the Asians’ practices. In the European and North-American cultures, the diet is very rich in calories and any affection is treated by complex medication. The amount of medication is so high that one must undergo a detoxifying diet at the end of each type of treatment. The citizens from non-Asian countries cease physical exercise and sport in midlife. Shortly after that, their muscle mass weakens, shrinks or atrophies.  A lot of people lose weight and spirit in a short time because they have led a life of excesses so far, destroying their metabolism heedlessly. Osteoporosis and malformations of the backbone settle against this background, affecting cardiovascular activity as well.

A determining factor in the ageing process is the psychological predisposition. Ever since childhood, every person learns the stages of life, including the adult active life and the third age when one grows old and weak; one loses memory and physical strength, too. Hence, a propensity towards a life scenario including finality and death emerges.

Under these circumstances, a person’s psyche responds in line with the respective thinking and with the stress caused by the prospect of death. The person cannot see the other possibility, namely stopping and reversing the ageing processes.

Scientists have proven that ageing starts at the cellular level, which proves that people trigger the ageing process by their thinking. Involuntarily, they will carry out this life scenario because they don’t know there is an alternative: resources that prevent the thinking process from collapsing, which have existed since the onset of civilization on Earth. They consist of the so-called “sapient herbs” and the reinvigoration treatments of medicinal herbs combined with special acupuncture techniques.

Body detoxification and purification is the first step in the age-stopping process. The more toxins the human body accumulates, the more unstable and affected by various affections the body will grow, decaying and getting old.

The cosmetic lifting procedures – both facial and corporal – have immediate effects and improve the physical aspect, but only for short periods of time and at the cost of severe damages in the future. In order to restore the body to its good and healthy form, by means of traditional therapies we must remove the toxins, the cell residues and the poisons collected from the environment.

Beauty and a youthful figure can be maintained if the body is healthy. The human organs can be healed by traditional therapies consisting of treatments that regenerate and reinvigorate the cells and the tissues, which entails longer time. The detoxification and purification methods have been known in traditional medicine for millennia. The first step you should take for the purification of the body is to rearrange your home and to disinfect the toxins accumulated in the walls. After that you should keep a diet of fruit, vegetables and foods rich in calories, such as the apple (that helps to treat skin and liver diseases), beetroot juice (recommended in the treatment of hepatic and stomach affections), cabbage (it contains A, C, and E vitamins), pineapple, melon and others. The dietary schemes for the detoxification stage must be drawn under the guidance of the specialist physician, because each body is unique, and the diet must be adapted to each person’s needs.

Moreover, a major aspect in the success of the treatment is the physician’s knowledge of how to prescribe the necessary herbs in order to perform the HELATIO technique. Helatio means “extractor” in Greek.  In traditional medicine, the respective term defines the most efficient method by means of which the therapist will extract the toxins collected in the body.

In the age-stopping procedures, an important element is what the physician decides to use in the activity area of the EDTA molecule, in order to extract every heavy metal in excess or other metals that are not found in the natural composition of the human body (but are nevertheless present).

By the HELATIO method, the excess amount of calcium is extracted from the organs to be reinserted into the skeletal system in proper amounts, precisely in the calcium-deficit areas. Osteoporosis is treated by this method.

In traditional medicine, there is a remedy for every affection, provided that proper dialogue and communication takes place between physician and patient, and that the physician’s advice is observed.

This article will be continued; and more decisive factors in the age-stopping process, as well as remedies to all affections, will be made available.

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