Exclusive Interview with Master Mavrino

Exclusive Interview with
Master Mavrino

Master Mavrino

Master Mavrino

Leading Professor In The Science And Principles Of The Universe
Founder BEYOND REALITY SOCIETY - Science and Truth
Founder SAVIO - Stop Aging VIP Island
Author of "The Art Of Knowing Everything About The Universe" and over
70 other books

Death itself being pandemic, Humanity, where to?


Mister Professor, I know You don’t want publicity; however, as I have been watching You for over 30 years, I know that You have a word to say, important things which have never been said on this planet.

Therefore, I would like to thank You for having agreed to offer answers to some questions destined to the general public.

I would like to start with an introduction related to the books that You published.

You published a series of 8 books in the early 1990s.

In these books, You described, step by step, what was going to happen globally. Your view covers the whole picture, considering people’s daily life, Earth’s changes, as well as the planet in the context of the Universe. And, watching You all this time, witnessing what followed Your descriptions, I would like to bring up a very important topic for the present moment.

You talked very much about medicine, about the human body and brain, in a unique way, very different from what medical studies usually publish.

You also talked about diseases that would ravage the planet. In the current context, in which the pandemic generated by the coronavirus COVID-19 is a huge problem, I would like to ask You what your vision is about the evolution of this disease. How do You see things?

Master Mavrino:

We, as beings, should have the culture required to approach problems exactly as they are, and not as we would like them to be.

The planet is an intermediate place, forasmuch as this planet is part of the micro- and macro-cosmos. Under these conditions, we cannot approach the planet as a stable, destined place, where we are supposed to exist permanently.

If we approach it that way, we will approach life itself wrongly, and we will introduce another component and another vision of life, namely death.

Life is an unlimited process, which offers the possibility of permanent evolution. It cannot be limited.

Life is a continuous addition to a process of evolution, which requires permanent completion.

We need to approach and see the planet as a springboard to the micro- and macro-cosmos. Only then would death not exist.

This requires much culture and the adequate approach. Which doesn’t exist now, here, because the human being confines himself to instincts, and not to Creation, by conception.

As human beings, we should have a total openness and development, looking at the path to the stars, approaching them correctly and exploiting them, to get to know them; forasmuch as, the more we know, the more our cerebral baggage would change its composition and the brain would thrive, thereby properly maintaining our body.

Limiting ourselves only to instincts, we look as follows:

We are like a huge forest, let’s say, which consists of 10 000 trees. As regards this forest, we take disorderly care of it. Without attention and without looking correctly what is with this forest. It has 10 000 trees, most of them being dominated by one variety. Here and there, in some places, there are three more different tree varieties, which are, nevertheless, swallowed by the overwhelming sea of trees.

None of us thinks that the black, white and red trees are disappearing. Only the yellow trees remain.

Under these conditions, after a limited time, the great mass of trees that swallowed the other three different parts of trees – they will attack themselves, and the forest will disappear. And this planet, as a species, will come to an end

The trees are the races which exist on this planet and which, not developing, in the desire to dominate, will end up, at a certain point, self-destructing down to the last dominating race.

For a fair future, for a perfect approach, there is a must – the human races – with much tact and thought, should be controlled somehow, lest they develop uncontrollably, and so that there can be balance.

It is not a problem that one of the races dominates by 10%. We are still in balance. However, when either one begins to dominate by more than 15%, that is total imbalance. This imbalance created pollution, death, and the various ailments.

The huge mistake is that there is no evolution; and, since there is no evolution, the pollution creates death by impairing the human DNA.

Affecting the human DNA, death itself, which makes its presence felt, after the corpses are buried, engenders death.

Just imagine what happens in the ground. At a distance of no more than 5 m, there is a huge lab. All species die. All species, with the help of worms, but also by means of decomposition, at 5 m underground, combine with one another. By combining, monstrous DNAs are born. Coming to the surface, these DNAs create viruses, on impact with the air.

These viruses, through the air, combine with DNAs from at least 200-300 years ago.

You haven’t forgotten the melting glaciers, have you?

In the glaciers, many DNAs of dead insects, birds, people remained. All this combines and creates ever-new types of viruses and bacteria.

The human DNA, real, living now, is too weak to fight with all and everything.

On the other hand, when planting a flower and not liking one thing or another, any housewife, simple as she may be, combines this and that, creates another flower. That is primary genetics.

There are many people who have micro-laboratories of flowers, trees and others in the field of genetics, who create something themselves. This is another source of randomly creating a devastating virus. And it combines with the already existing viruses. And it participates itself in the modification. 

In this way, the human species loses ground and knows no more how to react.

Of course, medicine helps. However, unless you know medicine helps, you would do better not to participate in mass murder, turning a simple treatment into some heroism worthy of raising status for the impotent.

When an unknown virus is born, one must react properly, approach the issue properly and making the most of the existing treatments; and not do live experiments, as if someone had offered you a laboratory where to continue the labs you missed when you were studying.

Any virus is unknown. However, the human being is the one who’s present. He has treatments to hold the ailments in check.

If we look into history, not far back, we will see that penicillin, gentamicin, and broad-spectrum antibiotics were discovered. The proper approach would have been to use, against an unknown virus, penicillin, gentamicin and an antibiotic, the third one, with a wide spectrum. And the problem would have been solved, until virologists discovered a vaccine exactly right for the virus that was discovered, knowing it, and not experimenting live. I gave this advice from the beginning; and only now, after almost 5 months, have the doctors begun to change protocols.

The reaction, in this case, was inappropriate and caused many deaths.

They will say – the doctors and all the medical world – that now indeed I condescend to give them advice.

They should understand that I don’t give them any advice, as I have no one to talk to. I do not give advice to any man who, apart from life, has also death. I don’t accept death. Death is only an invention of helplessness, of fear, of the desire to dominate. And hence the total imbalance that we can see at every step.

In the future, maybe, those dealing with medicine will approach the problem properly and treat their patients correctly, so that there is no panic as a component of the treatment.

As regards these answers I give you in this interview, I give them in the idea that there may be a wider range of people who will think of a different kind of future, and not a future with limited possibilities.

Only people who fairly approach the future can live in the future and will not have a limited life. Only people who will think differently can see differently and make progress. The others will live limitedly, will know death, and thereby know the limits of an impotent species. That is, of a mutant species.

Just as the species underwent mutations, so can these mutations be fixed, and the species evolve.

Life, with the right approach, can become a continuous process, and not a limited one.


You speak of death as something newly created, existing only on this planet.

Master Mavrino:

Life is given. I have already said, life is a continuous process, not a limited one. The planet is given. We, as a species, must light upon Who gave us these gifts, and not draw and prey on these gifts. If we draw and prey on these gifts, no wonder that the outcome will be the one we all can see. We self-destruct, without knowing, turning into limited people, without thinking.

The One Who created us is waiting for us to climb the ladder and meet Him, and not for Him to go down to the first step so we can know Him.

If He descends to this first ladder, where we are now, we will create altars and give Him His own fruits, which He Himself gave us, as a token of our gratitude. We will turn Him into a god, and the outcome will be that we will not know Him.

If we want to know The One who gave us all and everything, come on, climbing the ladder of evolution, let us know all the Creation, if we want to know HIM, as well.

Our cerebral quality, at the moment, does not allow us to know what we consider to be beyond our power. If it doesn’t allow us, we cannot know.

We must have patience, climb step by step, ladder by ladder, knowing every ladder, so we can reach in front of the house of The One who gave us all, in order to know Him.

Death is an outcome of a lack of thinking. If we do not have a logic, a reason, a conscience, qualities, we can settle for our downfall, with involution and, respectively, with death.

If we are not in the know, we cannot understand that Life is the given one. Since we are not born dead. Death is the outcome of our deeds. Had we been born dead, we would have been born living dead, but we are alive. We cause our death – this is the TRUE PANDEMIC, and not one virus or another that we can hold in check.

Unless we analyse that the pandemic is death, we can wash our hands and whatever as much as we want, but it is still the cave of death that we will end up in. What I can teach you is – how to get out of death and how to treat this pandemic called involution and death, and to know life. This is what I can teach you.

I now have different groups of people, of various ages, with customs, traditions, education, schooling – all different.

I make them understand that they are unique, I turn them back to the primary part where we all have reach like a peak, in order to understand that only the title of MAN matters; and man – is the primary part with which the One Who created us gifted us, whoever He may be, because you will meet Him at some point, if you go the right to way.

In order to meet your Creator, you should first learn that you are the most important participants of a perfect Creation.

These different collectives, by different individual thinking, – because there is no common thinking, but only common education -, can obtain a perfect outcome, and eliminate this pandemic called “death”.

Just think – for any ailment you might face, you go to the doctor, treat yourselves, follow different diets, a different way of life in countless variants; however, unless you eliminate the “fear” factor which triggers death, the outcome will still be death.

I teach people to live well, but especially to behave well, so they can understand that they are Men.

This is the solution, this is my goal, this is my designation. I show you. You can apply, or not.

What’s very important for me is that each individual transforms into individuality, into personality, that he learns to respect, to love himself, to turn his qualities and deeds into unique ones if he wants to know the One Who created Him, considering that the One Who created the whole creation, as well as you, is definitely Unique.

Under these conditions, a Unique One having created you, so are you, a unique one, too. You just have to see this. And I do nothing else but show you the window through which you can get out of the pandemic called “death”.


In many of your articles, you talk about a new way of life. You have groups of people whom you offer a new education. Is it about a new system of education, an ideology, a new religion, a new sect?


Master Mavrino:

Your question is tendentious, but exactly reflects the lights of a society in which any reporter would give anything to have a unique subject. In fact, you bathe in the inability to find out; you find out something, then throw everything you find in the trash, because you don’t understand it.

Many a time, your representatives have touched people like me. Except so did the answers daze them, that they didn’t know what to do with them.

Now, I have allowed you to approach me. And this, due to the fact that it is possible to approach the epicentre of a volcano whose lava you can make the most of.

I wish it were like that, but I know that your society, micro-, is sporadically prepared, but macro-, does not know anything, nor will it ever know.

This space is categorically isolated.

You have never wondered why you don’t get anywhere. You should have wondered and asked, so you can get the answer: because you are not ready.

The Universe is full of unknowns that you need to know, solving them. The Universe is not all-inclusive where to go on vacation.

At the moment, since you are not ready, be content to carry out your activity and to play life and death, in this space.

It is exactly the space of a pandemic. A pandemic in which you yourselves say “stay at home”, don’t get out in the Universe, because you have nothing to find in a place you don’t understand.

Unless you understand, the Universe will remain unknown to you, totally inexistent.

Even if you admire the stars and celestial bodies, you don’t even know what you admire. You admire the symmetry and the lights, and that’s all.

Do you imagine how well developed you are, if you revel in the brightly shining lights?

Think about how much the insects rejoice and gather at the public lighting poles every summer! The insects don’t think. Except – a stronger heat of the lighting pole makes them develop faster. Do you think?

What I show is completely different from what you have learned from anywhere. For no other reason, but, as regards mu science, you can’t possibly know it, as it is non-existent for you.

This teaching shows a new way of life, a new way of living, a perfectly normal way for the Universe, and totally absurd for here.

Here, one can find only an existence of instincts, masked with a cancer-engendering goodwill. This cancer does nothing but self-divide and self-split the human DNA, turning the man into a mutation.

You, – those who breathe in life, and breathe out death, not life, considering that your deeds go only by the traditions and legends full of fear -, split society into legal, illegal, traditions, legends, religion and sects.

For me, there is no such thing. For me, there are pandemical people infected with death and people who want to get rid of this pandemic.

Those who want to get rid of this pandemic come to me and I teach them. I teach them how to behave, how to step, whereas the outcomes – they calculate them themselves.

Exclude me from the church, religions, from the different orientations that you have, from legends, myths and customs! I am just the one offering you the vaccine against the pandemic called death.

I do not guarantee that you will succeed; but nor are you, after you see what I teach you, nor are you sure that you will not succeed

Do not think I could come under the categories known to you, because I don’t belong in them!

I am atypical and asymptomatic.

I don’t need people, but people definitely need me.

I don’t advertise anywhere so that people come to me. Once you become a MAN, you develop and you definitely find me.

That’s how it was in the past, that’s how it is now.

Just think a little – how could I have advertised in the past? Since there were not the currently existing means. Do not test me with what you know! Since you don’t have much to brag about, you can’t possibly know.


Given the situation in the current reality, when people die every day, and given the fact that always, over the years, Your sayings have come true, I would dare to ask You to make a prediction about the evolution of the pandemic. More specifically, until the end of this pandemic, how many people will lose the fight against the virus, or in other words, how many people will die?

Master Mavrino:

I can definitely give you a concrete answer, and not predictions. I’d rather work with concrete data. The whole world will die. Nobody will pull through. Since they are born with this pandemic.

Those who will not die are the ones who will find the way to become, and they will be many – as I explained to you a little above in the material.

MEN do not die. MEN develop. The world dies.

In conclusion, no Man will die.

However, in order not to die, he should look for and find the vaccine against death. The only vaccine is thinking. To get to thinking and change the quality of the neural cell, from a simple into a crystalline one, you need to find someone to teach you how.

It is not necessary to make much effort. Once you have created your thinking, you will definitely find the one to teach you.

When you are receptive, you are already on the right track, and you are a carrier of the immortality vaccine.


You’re talking about a “vaccine of immortality”; nevertheless, our experience shows that life expectancy is limited to a certain time interval.

Master Mavrino:

Every day, something changes. You created time for yourselves, time which no one imposed on you.

Time is a discreet factor of Creation, discreet because it is present, it shows you darkness and light, but never shows you that it exists.

You made it stand out, turning it into your own guillotine.

The time is a guillotine, because once you start counting, you start growing older, forming wrinkles, getting sick and, of course, dying.

The human psyche is constantly under pressure, due to the fact that it lacks time for one thing or other.

Forasmuch as, along involution, along with the time factor, its lack was also introduced. The outcome is the confinement of your own life, allowing death to step in.

Every individual rests. Usually, at night. When he goes to sleep, he is one person, when he gets up, he is a completely different person, because there are millions of cells that die, change their rotation, dynamics. Except, not having a healthy mindset in this area, individuals see that, over the years, after a much longer period of time.

The mistake is that you chose time to highlight; and the time killed you and is not, as in the Universe for the other Men, an ally.

You turned it into an opponent.

You have a lot to learn to turn him into an ally, but it is possible.

If you really try, by your own thinking, you will definitely succeed.

If you mime action, the only result you will have is to prolong your insignificant life by at most15 years. Nothing else.

What is born of nothing, namely parents that died, usually turns into nothing. Exceptionally, he can turn into individuality, personality, and obtain quality of Man, with all its implications.

The window you have to go through is very, very narrow. But the space that this window called thinking gives you is unlimited..

Try to know this narrow space, if you want to get rid of this pandemic called death!


If we return to the pressing subject during this period, namely the virus that the whole planet is fighting, will You please tell us what we might expect in the future?

Master Mavrino:

In the idea of reality now, you should expect the following rundown:

This is one of the active viruses you are facing now. Virus which attacks the immune system and, as I explained to you, turns your immune system into a storm, and by the fact that the blood circulates with a different force and in a different rhythm, it breaks the blood vessels.

Certainly, humanity is not prepared for this, and therefore it will pay dearly.

One dead person is much, from my point of view. And you have very, very many deaths.

You will definitely learn to live in other conditions, because your life has changed. You still don’t understand that.

I have told you – pollution is the intermediary. It activated one of the viruses. Because viruses are countless. And they are activated from underground death, because you bury your species in the ground.

There is a book that you call holy. It is just a historical book, which, if you read well, you will understand. If you know how to read it correctly.

The book says about the baptism of fire.

Had you translated well, the baptism of fire is nothing but a suggestion that everything which dies and you have gotten out of control must be burned, not buried, otherwise you intoxicate the soil.

Your psyche is very affected, and I do not want to give you the exact amount of damage after the next 4 waves.

Certainly, if it’s more than a case, it is much.

Just imagine what it’s like to live with a dead person at home. Horrible, isn’t it? But you have billions of dead in pits! Isn’t it all still at your home? In whose home are they? Because this planet is your home.


To this interview which, from my point of view, is exceptional, would You like to add something else?

Master Mavrino:

I have noticed that scientists are panicked, desperate, chaotic. They improvise anything to show that they have discovered something new, life-saving; however, not to save their fellow men, but to stand out themselves, showing how well prepared they are, and to be the first in the nomination for the various international awards.

I think you are wrong. For long years, I have been warning you that you are losing the fight against pollution and losing yourselves as a species. What does it matter if you die with or without awards? I think what matters is not to die at all. Strive to prove that death is a pandemic, and not that life results in death. Is it so hard to have such a thinking?

I have warned you that there will be countless viruses and bacteria, which, out of control, can cause species extinction, including the human one. The human one, being the most unprotected, will die and disappear first, in the event that chaos will prevail, for lack of reaction. That would be very serious.

Let us remember. I warned, many years ago, that uncontrolled, destructive viruses and bacteria could emerge. The first category are the viruses and bacteria that are created naturally, due to the accumulation, in the planet’s ground, of the dead species. There, by combination between all species, monstrous viruses and bacteria are born. Those creations come to the surface by mass and air movements. They all go through the air and combine with the insects and genetic residues, birds, animals and humans, that have deposited in the ice for millions of years.

These glaciers melt. If they melt, then their DNA combines with the monsters created from underground. In this case, this combination, due to pollution and the other one, dating millions of years back, from the glaciers, is lethal if no action is taken. 

The human body, but also that of the species, collapses at the level of the blood and capillaries. The outcome is that the brain oxygenation becomes deficient, almost non-existent over time, and the neurons are compromised. The body becomes inert and uncontrollable. If you don’t take action, even the rabbits will become carnivores.

There is a solution to purify the atmosphere and destroy, or at least annihilate, for at least 10 years, these undesired and criminal phenomena.

You remember there were mass illnesses in the past, starting with the years 200-300 and later. Papyri have been found with descriptions of mass diseases in the population. Mass diseases, not pandemics. It is you who called them pandemics

How did you come up with that idea? What kind of pandemic could have occurred in 200 or 1100? People had no roads. They had nothing, they did not know the neighboring settlement beyond a maximum of 50 km, because they did not travel. They did not know the continents, there were no countries.

In this case, what plague, malaria and other pandemics are you talking about? I think you will even say that a plague vaccine was also created in those years? Interesting way of thinking.

If you want to find solutions, use medicines that you have at hand! A combination of antibiotics and antipyretics, in the first phase, is enough, until you know the roots of the viruses and bacteria you are fighting, because the man is the same, it is the viruses that are new.

When you know, you can create an antidote; until then, do not act chaotically, since this chaos gives birth to death, because of your panic!

If you are willing, nevertheless, ask! It is not a shame and you will be answered! Do not experiment and thus create graveyards!

And the last free piece of advice, burn everything that dies, lest you unwittingly continue the creation, multiplication and modification of the already created viruses.



I still had many questions for You, and many questions arose just as I was listening to You now, but as the time that You had the kindness to give me is coming to an end, I would like to thank You for having offered me the honour of this interview, with the hope that it is the first in a series of exceptional interviews and You will spare other such fascinating moments for me and the readership.

Master Mavrino

Master Mavrino

Leading Professor In The Science And Principles Of The Universe
Founder BEYOND REALITY SOCIETY - Science and Truth
Founder SAVIO - Stop Aging VIP Island
Author of "The Art Of Knowing Everything About The Universe" and over
70 other books

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Enhancing resident independence

Encouraging Independence in Seniors – Maintaining Quality of Life

As a caregiver, it is important to encourage independence in seniors and to provide the opportunity for them to maintain a better quality of life for themselves. By participating in activities with your senior loved one, you show that you care, and you help improve their overall health. In fact, research indicates that keeping seniors physically, mentally, socially and emotionally engaged can help them retain better cognitive function, stay healthier and live independently longer.

As the seniors in our lives grow older, daily interaction is vital to their healthMaintaining Quality of Lifeand happiness. However, when caring for them, it is easy to get into the habit of doing things “for” them rather than “with” them. Let’s face it — it can be more efficient to do everything yourself. Seniors are seasoned pros at doing things for themselves, but due to aging bodies or underlying health issues, aspects of everyday living sometimes become a bit more physically and mentally challenging. Seniors may need your help, but doing everything for them is not a good solution, nor does it cultivate a better quality of life. Instead, we recommend a technique called interactive caregiving.

Interactive caregiving is a method of caring for seniors that promotes physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. When put into action, this philosophy focuses on the person as a whole, helps seniors live the highest possible quality of life by keeping them happy and engaged, and fosters healthy independent living within their own homes.

The true art of caregiving for the elderly extends beyond task-oriented responsibilities and includes engaging in activities that help maintain a healthy spirit and body. Talk to the senior in your life to help determine what his interests are, then form a plan to do those things together. When planning your activities, keep the elements of interactive caregiving in mind.

  • Physical activity, which should always be approved by the senior’s physician, helps reduce the severity of illness, increases strength and reduces the risk of falling. Dancing can reduce high blood pressure, strengthen bones and lower the risk of heart disease. Dancing with friends also provides a social outlet that stimulates the mind and can reduce the effects of dementia. Activities such as gardening and house keeping inspire positive self-esteem and improve quality of life.
  • Socializing with family and friends, as well as attending parties or other events, makes seniors feel less isolated and promotes good memory retention. The effects of being socially active are just as beneficial as physical activity in terms of self-esteem and higher quality of life, which is important to note for seniors who are unable to exercise.
  • Mental stimulation, such as crossword puzzles or other brain games, keeps minds active and facilitates healthy mental and emotional function. Mental well-being fosters a sharp mind and a positive outlook on life.
  • Emotional well-being depends on several factors, such as feeling connected to family and friends, being involved in the community or taking on a hobby. Emotional stability helps seniors feel happy and optimistic, which can keep depression at bay.

Encourage seniors to help with tasks they are able to perform, such as folding laundry and writing a grocery list. Play a game or work on a puzzle, read the paper over a morning cup of coffee or take a walk together after lunch. Shopping together provides another form of exercise and the chance to do something together. Planting flowers and other gardening activities are not only fun, they also provide a sense of accomplishment when you both step back to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

There are many more activities that can improve the quality of life for seniors. Use your imaginations and work together to plan fun things that will transform even the most mundane daily activities into special memories that last a lifetime.

Source: Comfort Keepers – Senior Independent Living

Promoting Senior’s Independence

Promoting independence

Older adults are scared of losing their independence more than they fear death.

Promoting independence in self-care can provide older adults with the capability to maintain independence longer and can leave them with a sense of achievement when they complete a task unaided.

Older adults that require assistance with activities of daily living are at a greater risk of losing their independence with self-care tasks as dependent personal behaviours are often met with reinforcement from caregivers. It is important for caregivers to ensure that measures are put into place to preserve and promote function rather than contribute to a decline in status of an older adult that has physical limitations.

Caregivers need to be conscious of actions and behaviors that cause older adults to become dependent on them and need to allow older patients to maintain as much independence as possible. Providing information to the older patient on why it is important to perform self-care may allow them to see the benefit in performing self-care independently.

If the older adult is able to complete self-care activities on their own, or even if they need supervision, encourage them in their efforts as maintaining independence can provide them with a sense of accomplishment and the ability to maintain independence longer.


Elderly-friendly interior design plays a vital role in promoting independence among senior people.

One great example for this can be integration of Internet of Things in residential interiors. Smart homes have a plethora of sensors in the house to monitor patterns of an individual. It provides remote monitoring system which allows caregivers to keep a track of the daily activities of elderly even from distant places. Due to this, adults can live on their own confidently knowing the fact that a feedback alarm will be sent to their caregivers immediately in case of any emergency.

This not only allows the aging population to maintain their independence and confidence, but also brings peace of mind to their friends and family.



Preventing violence in long-term care


Violence is a daily occurrence at many healthcare facilities. The traditional flashpoint for violence has typically been the emergency department of an acute care hospital, however other facilities such as assisted care facilities and skilled nursing facilities encounter crime and violence on their campuses as well.

Due to the wide range of facilities that provide long term care service, numerous factors can influence the type of crimes most often encountered in these settings. Common violence encountered in the long-term care service industryis residents assaulting staffor each other.

Maintaining adequate security in these facilities can be challenging for a variety of reasons including campus design, residents who may suffer from dementia or other cognitive impairments, the potential for criminal activity due to patient valuables and residents’ inability to recall details.



Assisted Care- Sometimes referred to as assisted living, retirement homes, or personal care facilities, are suitable for individuals who need very little daily care. Residents may need medication assistance and some assistance with activities of daily living. Assisted care facilities allow individuals to remain independent as long as possible in an environment that maximizes the person’s autonomy, dignity, privacy, and safety, as well as emphasizes family and community involvement.1


nursing homes-Nursing homes, also called skilled nursing facilities, provide a wide range of health and personal care services. Their services focus on medical care more than assisted care facilities. These services typically include nursing care, 24-hour supervision, three meals a day, and assistance with activities of daily living. Rehabilitation services, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy, are also available.2 Although it may differ with individual companies, security is frequently left in the hands of staff and administrators in these types of facilities.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities – Often referred to as a CCRC or life care communities, these offer different levels of service in one location. Many of them offer independent housing (houses or apartments), assisted living, and skilled nursing care all on one campus. Healthcare services and recreation programs are also provided. In a CCRC, where you live depends on the level of service you need. People who can no longer live independently move to the assisted living facility or sometimes receive home care in their independent living unit. If necessary, they can enter the CCRC’s nursing home.

Some of the largest CCRCs can be compared to a small town or community. These campuses can sprawl hundreds of acres with on-site amenities such as banking and postal facilities, golf courses, restaurants and bars as well as beauty salons and massage therapy studios. Many also have a full-time security department with uniformed security officers who provide a wide-variety of security services to residents and staff. Some officers may be trained as first responders with additional skills such as emergency medical technician training.

Rehabilitation Facilities – These are typically part of a skilled nursing facility. Common patients include those recovering from joint replacement surgery or those that have been hospitalized for a long period of time. Other commonly encountered patients are those suffering from the effects of a stroke and traumatic brain injuries. These types of patients can result in an increased risk of violence toward healthcare providers. Assaults on staff, and patients displaying aggressive behaviour are commonly reported incidents encountered by staff when interacting with these patients.4



Providing safety and security to residents of a skilled nursing or assisted care facility can be challenging yet rewarding. Personnel at these facilities provide protection for a vulnerable population who are dependent upon others for their safety and security. While crime and violence may occur in all types of health care facilities, assisted care and skilled nursing facilities are unique due to the many residents who may suffer not only from physical disabilities associated with aging, but also from differing degrees of cognitive impairment. It is imperative that facility administrators and those that are responsible for security, recognize the threats and vulnerabilities associated with these facilities and ensure proper prevention and mitigation steps are in place.

Source: IAHSS Foundation

Author: Dean Conner

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Gabrovo, Bulgaria


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